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Business Insurance Chilliwack

We make choosing the right kind of commercial insurance for your unique Chilliwack business requirements as simple and stress free as possible. Before recommending any business insurance products or commercial policy options, the insurance broker assigned to help you will take the time to chat with you and listen to your wants, needs, and business concerns. Get in touch with our team of expert insurance advisors today to learn more about comparing the best commercial insurance coverage quotes for your unique BC business and commercial property.

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Commercial Building Ownership Insurance

Whether you own rental houses, a strata titled duplex, a commercial retail location, or business office building in Chilliwack, we will work closely with you to create a new tailormade commercial property insurance policy for your business needs. We offer comprehensive residential class business insurance—from basic business general liability insurance (wind, fire, and water) to more comprehensive policies similar to home insurance. We also offer business liability insurance—as well as light commercial class business insurance options. Get in touch with one of our insurance professionals today to find out which commercial property insurance policy coverage options will work best for your business and property.

Home-Based Business Insurance

If you run a small business from your home property, it is important to keep in mind that your home insurance liability policy probably will not cover your business and business property. Home-based businesses that do not meet the criteria for being covered under a house liability policy will need a regular commercial business policy; however, to receive a regular commercial business liability policy, you will first need to get permission from your home insurance company to run the business out of your home which can make the commercial policy liability coverage restrictive. Our team of dedicated insurance brokers will help you select the best coverage for your home-based small business and will ensure that all of the necessary requirements are met. Contact our team of insurance professionals today to learn about the right business liability insurance coverage policy options for your small business.

Professional Liability Insurance

Chilliwack business owners who train for a profession have a much greater exposure for lawsuits—insurance advisors, realtors, medical professionals, architects, media marketers, IT providers, financial planners, directors, officers, board members, non-profit organizations, etc.—should strongly consider purchasing professional liability insurance and general liability insurance to help protect them in the event of a lawsuit against themselves or their business. Call our team of insurance brokers today to find out which business insurance options will provide the ideal coverage for you and your business.

Retail Business Insurance Policy

At Wheeler-Homemakers Insurance Ltd., we know that no two retail businesses are exactly the same. No matter what type of business or commercial property you own in Chilliwack—storefront, small restaurant, coffee shop, deli, etc.—we can compile the best commercial property insurance options, including general liability insurance, to create a policy that is uniquely tailored for your business property needs including specialized requirements contained in your leasing agreements. We offer a wide range of policy options for both new and older businesses. Contact our dedicated team of insurance experts today to learn more about selecting the right insurance products for your unique business needs.

Small Business Insurance

Similar to our range of retail business insurance products, we also offer small business insurance to customers who own businesses like a restaurant, construction company, or a personal service business such as a nail salon, hair salon, or tattoo parlour. The professional insurance broker assigned to help you will take the time to really get to know you, your business, and your expenses before helping you select the right small business insurance policy for your unique wants and needs. Contact our team of insurance experts today to learn more about our policy options for small businesses, such as general liability insurance.

Farm Insurance

Whether you own a working farm or a small business hobby farm, having the right business insurance policy and coverage for your property will ensure that your animals, crops, buildings, and equipment are properly covered in emergency situations and in the event of accidents. We can help you assess your farm's liability insurance needs to determine what kind of assets you have and how much coverage they need so that you can select the best policy, including general liability insurance products, for your business. Get in touch with our team of professional insurance brokers today to more about getting the right liability insurance coverage for your farm and property.

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